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Enchong Dee and Sebastian Castro trending topic in Social media today about the rumored of having a sex video scandal, this alleged spreading on the internet but does not any evidence that the video exist. For curiosity, I admitted that I have doing searches about the video, but I don’t see anything except their hot photos spreading on the internet.

The rumored comes out starting at the blind item written by Ogie Diaz, and people starts connection Enchong Dee to Sebastian Castro but the rumored have no video to prove that it exist. 

I respect so much for Enchong Dee, and I know that he will not do something to rupture his career. There’s also a rumored that maybe Seb was seeking for publicity, to get attention in the showbiz industry. But Seb was posted on his Twitter account denying regarding the allegation of video scandal with young actor Enchong Dee. This is not surprising issue, we don’t know the truth… maybe one of the haters of Enchong Dee spreading this rumor. Enchong Dee has no official statement about this issue.

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