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Trending today - Here are the three showbiz news trending topics today that you must to read. You don't need to search for just to see other trending topic on your favorites celebrity, I listed here the  three trending celeb for you.

Miley Cyrus appears nude in her new music video
Miley Cyrus  screen shot of her music video Photo credit to: VEVO 
After Miley did a controversial “Twerking dance” at MTV Video Music Awards 2013, the 20 year-old Hanna Montana child star released her music video clip on YouTube for Wrecking Ball.  I already watched the video and the video opens with a close-up of Miley singing the wrecking ball but suddenly it shows her holding a sledgehammer while wearing a white crop top, underwear and boots.

After that, the wrecking ball blasts through a wall behind her while she walks toward the camera and later on Miley swings on top of the wrecking ball, at first she has clothed but later I saw here swing fully naked.

Here the video on YouTube that hits more than 38 millions views.

Kris Aquino photo at MRT station goes viral in Social media

When I open my Facebook last night I saw a photo of Ms. Kris Aquino with many commuters at MRT station, I thought it was only an edited photo. But I check her Instagram account and I found out that its true, she posted her “selfie” on her IG official account.
Kris Aquino took a picture before she rides on MRT. Photo credit to: Kris Aquino IG official account.
Why Kris Aquino rides on MRT?  She decided to ride with MRT after she was spared from traffic cause by heavy rainstorm shower last Tuesday night. I was also stranded that night because of the floods, while waiting for floods to ends I check out my Facebook news feeds.
The photo goes viral in all social media. Some netizen was glad that Kris Aquino tries to ride on MRT for the first time on regular day but there are also haters who mocked about the photo of “Kris Aquino riding on MRT.”

Justin Bieber "broke down" at a church sermon.
Photo credit to: Justin Bieber official Twitter account.
Last Sunday, Justin Bieber has tweeted that he “broke down” because of the wonderful sermon by Pastor Carl Lentz, it seems that the headlines hit maker turn into a new lease of life.
Here’s the about the emotional experience of Justin last Sunday and he thanked Pastor Carl Lentz. 
He was in New York City for the weekend Fashion Week, but before the event he went to the church of worship at Hillsong NYC.

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