Kiray Celis Transform into a Gorgeous and Mystified for one Day

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After being dubbed as "worst dressed celebrity" in 2013 "Star Magic Ball" and earned many negatives feedback on social media about the way she look that night, Fanny Serrano felt bad for "Kiray Celis" for criticism she earned. That's why Fanny Serrano contacted Kiray Celis and ask her to be a muse for one day and Fanny will transform her into a Mystified woman.

This is the best photo for me, she looks so different, so glams, her eyes telling me "Hey guys this is me Kiray." I'm sure you will agree with me, Right?
Fanny Serrano turn Kiray Celis into a different future beauty looks, that he dubbed as "Ang Fashionista, Ang Punkista, Ang Senyorita, Ang Ilusyunada,  the sosyalera, Ang Diyosa, and the Lady Kiray looks." Fanny didn't ask for too much photoshop on Kiray's photo to is photographer (MJ Suayan), instead he wants to show Kiray's best angle.
"At my makeup chair, I exert effort of erasing Kiray's droopy eyes with my classic smokey eye makeup. contoured her nose, her cheekbones and jawline. After I'm done with her smokey eye makeup, that's when i realized that I got a winning mystical Kiray album for my future beauty look." Fanny said
Below are some of the photos shared by Fanny Serrano on his Facebook Account. These photos will blown you away.
All photos credit to: Fanny Serrano Facebook account and MJ Suayan
To all basher of Kiray Celis, this is the revenge. As you can see to her photo, you wont believe that this is Kiray Celis the former "Going Bulilit co-star" and the worst dressed star in Star Magic Ball 2013. What can you say about this article, share your thoughts on the comment box. Thank you for reading.

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