The Voice of the Philippines Battle Round 2 Updates - August 3 2013

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Last week each coach lost one artist after the first week of the battle round and this week whose left and whose stay to advance to the next level of competition. Let’s find out, before the battle round starts, Coach Sarah and her guest adviser the one and only “pure energy” Garry Valenciano performed the song Clarity by Zedd.

First artist who’ve performed are from team Apl De Ap, Sir Lord who get the attention of coach Apl during the blind audition when he performed the song I’ll be. And Thor who performed the song I have nothing at the blind audition. Surprisingly, four coaches were turning their chair. Coach Apl chosen the song I’ll make love to you by Boys2Men for his artist to performed in the battle round. After the performance, coach Apl chose Thor Dulay to move to the next level of competition.

The next performers are from Team Lea, Diday and Japs, Did you remember Japs during the blind audition? He sung the song of Bamboo, but unfortunately Bamboo doesn't turning back his chair instead, Coach Lea was the only one who turning back her chair. Ok back to the battle round, I feel sad for Japs. After they performed he lost his change to continue to the next round, Coach Lea was chosen Diday to stay the competition.
Diday vs Japs the battle round 2
And the third performers comes from team Sarah, it’s Yuki Ito and Kathreen Castro, during the rehearsal Kathryn and Yuki was little difficulty in singing the song Baliw by Kuh Ledesma. But when the battle begin, Yuki was stand out during performance and his lucky because Coach Sarah picked him to remain the competition.

And the last pairs who performed are from team Bamboo, It’s a trio performance Nicole, Deb, and Angelique. Three artist who've compete to get the opportunity to advance to the next level of competition, they performed the song Set fire to rain. That’s a great performance, perfect choice of song. It’s really show up their talents, but in the end Coach Bamboo picked Angelique to move on to the next level which is “The Live Show.”

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