Piolo Pascual Allowed his Son Iñigo to Enter in Show Business

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Finally, Piolo Pascual allowed his son Iñigo to enter in showbiz industry; Iñigo wants to follow in his father’s footstep in showbiz. Piolo Pascual promises to support his son dreams, but he makes sure that it will not affect his studies.
It took a long time before Piolo allowed his son to enter in showbiz; he wants his son to keep out the spotlight of show business. Iñigo was already finished shooting an indie film “Relaks, It’s Just Pag-ibig” that co-produced by his own father Piolo Pascual.

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A 15year-old Iñigo is now back in the United States to resume his studies after he finished shooting the movie with co-stars, Sofia Andres and Julian Estrada. It can’t really be denied that he has an inborn talent that he inherited his acting career to his Dad.


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