The Battle Round:The Voice of the Philippines Coaches has Picked Artist to Advance to the next level

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The voice of the Philippines “battle round” has been started last week July 28, 2013, and each coach had already picks the contestant who deserved to advance to the next level of battle round. The battle round is the second stage of the competition after the blind audition. 

Contestants who advance to the next level of the battle round (week 1 – July 28, 2013)
  • Tristhan Perfecto (Team Apl) 
  • Mitoy Yonting (Team Lea) 
  • Morisette Amon (Team Sarah)
  • Lee Grane (Team Bamboo) 
The voice of the Philippines coaches from left: Ms. Lea Salonga, Bamboo, Sarah G., Apl De Ap
In the battle rounds, each coach needs to pick two performers to compete each other on stage singing one song chosen by their coach, before the battle begin the coach and the guest coach need to prepare their artist. They will arrange the song and give an advice to them. After the battle performance the coach will pick one of the performers who will move on to the next round.

For the week 1 battle round of the voice Philippines, the performance which most I like was Mitoy and Chien performed the song Alone, they both give their own version of the song a perfect blending. You can’t see that they are competing to each other, they performed not to win but to challenge their coach. Well, coach Lea was choosing Sir Mitoy to go to the next round. 

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